Sunday, May 31, 2009

8 How to Avoid Bad Dream

Sleep soundly and simply need to keep my mind calm. But if the bad dreams come every night, will make us wake up with feeling uncomfortable in the morning. And if the progress will continue to cause stress. Bad dreams are often caused by events that create a trauma such as loss of a beloved person, stress, and consume a certain medicine. If you are often disturbed, including bad dreams, follow the tips below.

1. Rileks before bedtime. Do meditation, warm bath water , warm herbal tea or do perenggangan light.

2. Clear your mind from the sense of worry. Create a list of the problems that you face and solve. Then look back at this list the next day.

3. Avoid watching the news the night, horror movie or an impression of violence before bedtime.

4. Consumption of food or beverages such as milk or yogurt. This second type of calcium and triptophan, who can give effect rileks.

5. Avoid fatty foods or seasoned. This food can cause flatulence or stomach pain, which of course does not make you feel comfortable in while sleeping.

6. Stop smoking. Trusted to bring the influence of nicotine on the hard bed.

7. Stop the drugs that do not take effect on your health and awareness.

8. Write the dreams that you have become as natural a dream journal. Try to describe what the relationship with the dream of your life at this time to search for solutions

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