Monday, June 22, 2009

Optimizing Windows: The Safe Way

Have you just read somewhere that you can improve your Windows performance a bit (or a lot) by simply changing a little variable stored in the Windows registry? Reading this article instead of reaching for Regedit.exe can save you the hassle of restoring a broken system!

Making the wrong change to a registry entry or a system file can easily break the system instead of fixing Windows or optimizing its performance. And it's neither fast nor easy to fix a broken system! So what should you do to optimize Windows performance without taking the risk of breaking it apart?
ZeoOptimizer by ZeoBIT Software Corporation makes it safe and easy to clean and optimize Windows, fix registry errors, and clean up redundant stuff without taking any risk at all. Many benefits become possible with ZeoOptimizer, such as changing how Windows looks, works, and loads.

Make Windows look better with ZeoOptimizer! Deep customizations of the Windows user interface are only possible by changing certain registry values, modifying system files, or running scripts from the command line. Not anymore! ZeoOptimizer makes all these changes possible from within a convenient graphical user interface. Anyone can customize Windows quickly, easily and safely by using ZeoOptimizer! With ZeoOptimizer, there is no need to tweak registry values or mess with system files. The smart Windows optimizer knows everything about your system, and can make any necessary changes without taking the risk of ruining your system.

Windows is a great operating system, but every PC has its own bottlenecks that may be limiting its performance. ZeoOptimizer is a dedicated bottleneck removal tool that scans your system, detects factors reducing its performance, makes necessary corrections and fine-tunes system performance to ensure you are getting the most out of your PC. Examples? Here's one. Everyone's Internet connection is different, and so are the Internet settings required for pages to load quickly. Allowing images, styles, and multimedia stuff loading all at the same time would be a disaster if you used a phone line and a slow modem to connect. Vice versa, forcing your browser to load small images consecutively does little good if you're on broadband, slowing down page loading speeds. ZeoOptimizer can help you fine-tune your Internet connection and browser settings no matter whether you use Internet Explorer, FireFox, or Safari. Maximum browsing speed is just a few clicks away!

Unlike many Windows optimizers on the market that can make Windows run faster at the expense of becoming less reliable, ZeoOptimizer can make your system run quicker and smoother at the same time. Knowing exactly what, where, and how to modify to get the most out of every system without negatively affecting its reliability is what makes ZeoOptimizer different. The innovative system optimizer fine-tunes Windows memory usage, makes registry fixes, and fine-tunes a variety of system settings to make Windows run and load faster while performing smoothly and reliably.

Concerned with multiple temporary files stored here and there? Not every program you run takes good care of its temporary files. ZeoOptimizer is well aware of the places where temporary files are allowed, and can clean them up to free disk space and increase system performance a little bit. Run Windows registry scan and allow ZeoOptimizer to take care of redundant and abandoned registry entries, and you'll make your system not only faster, but more reliable!

Free evaluation version of ZeoOptimizer is available for download at ZeoBIT official site.

By: Dominic LeBlanc

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