Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Number Sort Capres Not Feeling Lucky

Paranormal Ki Gendeng Pamungkas the ordinal number of the candidates obtained three presidents (Capres) and vice-presidential candidate (cawapres) less profitable. after day even predicted that there will be a negative social phenomenon that is difficult to block.

According to Ki Gendeng Pamungkas, Saturday (30 / 5), the pair should have the number one series pair Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)-Boediono. Because, according to the number of birth and lucky, ie, odd numbers. While for Megawati, Prabowo couples should be number two, according to the gender dimension. Meanwhile, Jusuf Kalla pair Wiranto-although it is correct to get number three. However, because the other two pairs have the wrong number, then the number is not profitable.

"Error obtaining this number, it will lead to negative symptoms. When side with politics, then anyone who predicted will win the challenge that is very powerful form of negative social phenomenon, "said Ki Gendeng, the Tribun Jabar contacted by phone.

Meanwhile, Chinese cultural, Jeremi Huang, said the pair of Megawati, Prabowo get number one, if you want to prosper in the campaign, they should use the word symbol 'Main' or 'determination'. While it should be avoided, Jeremi clear, that is.

"Number one is a tree diumpamakan. Tree is easily vulnerable when disease. Therefore the number of owners do not find many enemies or diseases, and diseases that when side with life, that is, the nature of 'hujatan', "said Jeremi.

For pair-SBY Boediono obtain the two series number, symbol or the word most appropriate for use in the campaign, that is, the word 'regular'. This is in accordance with the symbols of two of the animals duck .. While the words or the nature of which must be avoided for a number two, the morgue.

JK-pair Wiranto, said the campaign the most appropriate use of the word 'Fast' or 'High' in accordance with the nature of animal eagle. For the word or character that should be avoided, as in 'wild'.

"When the couple's third bias that justified the words and avoid words that are not justified according to figures didapatkannya, the fortune predicted akan approached,"

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